Product Refurbishment

We provide a cost effective and efficient Refurbishement process to receive, screen, test, repair, refurbish and return units in volume quantities. By outsourcing  to ConCord Service Center we transform defective and used products to an extremely high cosmetic or configuration standard.  Our customers are able to streamline their operations and extend the life cycle of their products.  We manage all processes required to return products to an equivalent-to-new (ETN) condition for everything from printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs), Clean Room Repairs, LCD displays, Laptops, PC’s, Game consoles, Set top boxes, Monitors, Tablets, Smartphones and Networking devices.

ConCord Service Center refurbishment service will increase the value of your products to a “like-new” product  and enhance your lifetime brand loyalty.



Repair and Packaging

We provide a full spectrum of functional repair capabilities – from software related issues to highly technical board and “cleanroom” repairs – that restore a device to a usable state in accordance to a defined functional repair standard.  ConCord Service Center is providing an efficient, high quality repair service. We can also reverse engineer products that are not in our current Repair Portfolio or integrate repair procedures upon customers request.

Our packaging service is highly flexible and can distinguish whether a product needs to be re-packaged to an ‘Ready for Retail’ standard to go back into a retail environment or returned in the packaging it came in. We have already developed Packaging for most Products we are currently supporting.

By integrating this after sales service as part of an overall solution, you retain full quality control, as well as high levels of customization flexibility to suit your market needs.



Part Reuse and Recycling

When Repair and Refurbishment from products is Beyond Economical To Repair (BETR) we can optimize the value of your assets by Recovering the working Parts / Components and return these to you for either reuse in other products or reselling these in the open market to your existing sales channels.

We extend the value of products by harvesting and reusing key components from defective products. For components in greater demand, or those that offer higher profit margins, we have the capability to re-kit and reconfigure components.

Controlled Recycling involves selecting and coordinating responsible recycling partners to process scrap materials in case products can not be repaired or used for Part Reuse anymore. Where possible we seek to do this in a cost neutral way and always ensure we abide by local laws and regulations.

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